“There are some familiar faces listed as the core company of Fourth Room Theatre – and a common thread that seems to unite the names listed is the sheer level of skill and commitment that goes into everything they do.”

~ Iowa Theatre Blog

964437_574634085892199_1775715941_oWho is Fourth Room?

Fourth Room Theatre is a collaboration among theatre artists in the Iowa City Area. Among the group, we have worked with all of the professional and most of the volunteer theaters in the area. We all have a strong dual commitment to personal growth as artists and to community building through theater.

Our Mission

Fourth Room is our opportunity to specifically choose projects to stretch ourselves as actors and directors and work with scripts we’ve been dying to do. We can be responsive to ideas and mobilize right away, as we are project-driven and not tied to a programming season. Our focus is actor/character-driven work and longer rehearsal periods. We pull from our core ensemble for projects and we pull from the community.

Fourth Room is home to the Free Classics, a new Eastern Iowa summer tradition. Inspired by free Shakespeare projects around the country, we have built a summer event that brings classic theare to the community in a beautiful outdoor setting. Artists from all over the Corridor have participated and we’ve drawn hundreds of new audience members to experience theater in our initial two years.

Part of our mission is also education for all members of the theatrical community in Iowa City, Cedar Rapids and surrounding areas. We host a Theater Meetup of regular theater workshops, discussions and social nights. Hope to see you there!

We are:

Rachel Howell
Education DirectorArtistic Core 

Matthew James
Administrative Director / Artistic Core 

Kehry Anson Lane
Production Director / Artistic Core 

K. Michael Moore
Managing Director / Artistic Core 

Angie Toomsen
Marketing Director / Artistic Core 

Eric Burchett
Associate Member

Genevieve Heinrich
Associate Member

Hannah Spina
Associate Member

Noel VanDenBosch
Associate Member

Additional past/founding members: Ottavia DeLuca, Kate Thompson, Bryant Duffy

Feel free to contact us for further information at info@fourthroomtheatre.com.